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Can I use multi thread synchronization feed data data

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Hello all,

         My company is currently in 21 countries Google advertising promotion, each country probably has 100000 SKU, each exchange rate changes, all product information must be updated, each country about 20 minutes. So the whole data synchronization probably have to be carried out for 6 hours. I want to carry out the data synchronization of multiple threads, about 5 threads, each thread processing 4 countries, the theoretical time will be shortened to 80 minutes. But I do not know whether API Google allows me to use multiple threads to connect to the account, the feasibility of the request to confirm the program?
Thank you

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For example, if a runaway client accidentally spawned thousands of threads to make concurrent AdWords API calls, AdWords API servers will notice and return a RateExceededError requesting the calling software to slow down.


There is no document about the limitation but you should receive RateExceededError request

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